The objectives of the Association shall be –

  1. to promote and protect the interests of all Condominium Developers in Sri  Lanka;
  2. to act as a spokesman for the Condominium Development sector in its

dealings with the Government and other institutions, public or private;

  1. to provide a focal point for Condominium Developers to meet, discuss and    solve common problems;
  2. to formulate a Code of Ethics for Condominium Developers;
  3. to formulate a policy for Condominium Developers and submit it to Government;
  4. to organise lecture, seminars, etc. for the benefit of members;
  5. to circulate information to members;
  6. to encourage quality consciousness in Condominium Development;
  7. to liaise with Government on Condominium Developers’ matters;
  8. to carry out such other activities as may be necessary to promote the interests of Condominium Developers in Sri Lanka